Shift Left: The Art of Continuous Monitoring

Explore How Monitoring Can Transform Your DevOps and CICD Initiatives

Monitoring and maintaining performance is essential in supporting DevOps and CICD innitatives. But how can you continue to drive innovation and craft an end-to-end monitoring strategy? 

Join us as we delve into the modern monitoring landscape and identify how you can leverage monitoring tools to optimize your software development lifecycle. From design to deployment, cultivating an end-to-end monitoring strategy can yield monitoring data that transforms innovation. Our open discussion will examine ways to strengthen your monitoring strategy to balance business needs and performance expectations.

Chat with us to hear more on:

  • How to monitor from design to development
  • Crafting a strategy to monitoring in production and after deployment
  • Measuring the performance to optimize your digital presence
  • Identifying and remediating performance issues with synthetic tools
  • Best Practices IT/Operations in monitoring application and website performance
  • Live Q&A with our industry experts
Denis Goodwin
John Lucania

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