Test, Track, and Analyze: Scaling Test Automation Effectively in Agile

As software development has evolved to keep up with increasingly demanding users, organizations are constantly asking themselves, “How can we speed up our testing to make sure we really cover all our bases? The answer is UI test automation, and as automation scales and increases in complexity, developers and testers need a test management solution. 

By integrating CrossBrowserTesting with Zephyr for Jira, you can improve collaboration among your testing teams by allowing you to manage all your manual and automated tests from a central location. As part of the shift-left movement, and more members of your organization get involved in the testing process, more collaboration and organization will be critical. 

Join SmartBear experts as we cover the power of CrossBrowserTesting & Zephyr.

We’ll cover:

  • Importance of Browser & Device Testing
  • Leveraging Test Management
  • Power of Both Working Together
  • Live Demo & QA
Steven Colón
Lorna Smyth
Gareth Goh

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