New! Automated visual testing for TestComplete

How are you preventing visual bugs in your UI? 

If you’re relying on functional tests, chances are you are still leaking bugs into production. Functional tests validate that your app works, but they have trouble catching visual defects that negatively impact your customer's journey. To deliver the optimal user experience, you need visual testing. 

We are pleased to announce the integration of VisualTest and TestComplete to automate your manual visual tests. With this seamless integration, testers can check their application for functional and visual accuracy.  

Join us for an upcoming webinar where we will dive into the integration – showing how you can enhance your testing to capture visual differences across releases and prevent costly defects from reaching your users. Join us as we discuss: 

  • The visual testing imperative – learn how and where functional tests can fail and how VisualTest can eliminate those blind spots.  
  • How to use VisualTest with TestComplete – get a live demo of the integration and see screenshot testing in action. 
  • Q&A – get your questions answered live by our product and engineering experts.  
Duration: 60 Minutes

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