Manual to Automated Testing With Behavior Driven Development

Join us for a four-part webinar series, in which we'll discuss how to move from manual to automated testing with the help of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). 

In practicing BDD, Product, Development, and QA stakeholders are brought together to ensure effective communication. One of the biggest benefits is a streamlined process yielding better results, meaning your teams builds features customers actually need, higher quality products, and less time fixing issues later in the cycle.

In registering for a single session, you'll have access to all four sessions and receive the recordings after the series is over. 

Episode I: The Phantom Requirement

  • Overview of Behavior-Driven Development
  • Starting your journey through Discovery
  • What happens then?

Episode II: Attack of the Gherkins

  • Findings to formulation
  • Avoiding wheel reinvention
  • The single source of truth

Episode III: Revenge of the SUT

  • Steps to step definitions
  • Overview of automation frameworks
  • Results and reporting

Episode IV: A New Scope

  • The adoption triangle
  • Hearts and minds
  • Chipping away at the boulder
Dermot Canniffe
Lorna Smyth
Vincent Whyte

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