How LISI Automotive Accelerated Application Delivery with SwaggerHub

LISI Automotive is an international development partner and manufacturer of quick-assembly solutions and safety critical components, innovating since 1777. When they decided to reimagine an existing business-critical web application, they took a new innovative approach - one that revolved around APIs.  

By implementing SwaggerHub as their single source of truth for API development, the LISI team have been able to shorten API release cycles, reduce the number of APIs needed, and provide real-time interactive documentation.

Join us to hear Sebastien Gadot, the Software Development Head at LISI Automotive, talk about their API development journey with SwaggerHub. We will cover: 

  • The role of APIs in their transition from low-value to specific high-value apps 
  • How and why they moved from open source tools to SwaggerHub   
  • What they are able to achieve with SwaggerHub 
Noel Wurst, Senior Manager of Communications at SmartBear
Sebastien Gadot, Software Development Head at LISI Automotive

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