How to Perform a “Swift” Migration to SwiftUI

Each year more teams consider migrating to SwiftUI from UIKit. You may be asking “why migrate”? For starters, many developers prefer SwiftUI’s declarative style for building iOS screens, among other key differences from UIKit. As SwiftUI adds more features and increases compatibility with additional versions of iOS, the switch becomes more compelling.  

But with the adoption and migration of any new technology comes challenges. How can teams prepare for those challenges? What questions should you be asking? And how should you answer them? 

Check out our on-demand session as we dive deep into SwiftUI and demonstrate: 

  • What is new in SwiftUI 5 
  • Key differences between SwiftUI and UIKit 
  • When and how to know if it is the right time to migrate 
  • Examples of common migration scenarios 
  • How to avoid migration hurdles and best practices 

And more! 

Duration: 45 minutes

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