How Aras Accelerated Test Initiatives with TestComplete

In the high-tech industry, managing product lifecycles isn't just important: it’s paramount to business survival. Lifecycles are increasingly shortening, which increases the demands being placed on product teams to meet time-to-market goals. New tools and technologies need to be inserted into the product lifecycle to meet these goals, drive profitability, growth and market share. Enter Aras Corporation. 

The world’s largest manufacturers are choosing Aras to own the lifecycle of their complex products. Aras’ platform and product lifecycle management applications connects users in all disciplines and functions to critical product data and processes across the lifecycle and throughout the extended supply chain.  

Much like their clients, Aras was also facing a host of challenges as it looked to scale and meet its customer needs. How do we ensure the quality of our own products and services? How do we reduce our own delivery cycle to keep ahead of the competition? How do we improve the user experience and customer retention? How do we find a tool that can take into account the varied skill-level across our team? 

Enter TestComplete, the UI test automation tool that enables Aras to automate testing of their applications. By implementing TestComplete, Aras was able to answer the above questions and more … all while creating an automated testing workflow which reduced application testing time from four months to one week. In a short time, they were able to move from entirely manual testing to having 88% of test coverage automated.  

Join us as we hear from William Turner, VP of Quality and Support at Aras Corporation, to learn about: 

  • Testing challenges the team faced in an ever-changing high-tech industry 
  • How TestComplete enabled them to accelerate their testing cycles and continuously deliver quality
Duration: 45 minutes

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