Optimizing QA Approaches: A Comparative Study of Functional and Contract Testing in GraphQL

As microservices adoption continues to rise, we are seeing an increase in popularity in protocols like GraphQL. Our 2023 State of Software Quality report indicated that companies are living in a multi-protocol world. While REST continues to dominate, 23% of respondents claim to actively be using GraphQL. This follows the mutli-protocol trend we’ve observed for years and there’s no doubt in our minds that adoption for GaphQL will continue to grow YoY due to its many benefits.  

With the emergence of newer protocols like GraphQL, QA teams will need to optimize their testing strategies to include these protocols. Join us for this informative 60-minute webinar where our experts discuss:  

  • GraphQL and its specific testing challenges
  • Functional testing for GraphQL
  • Contract testing for GraphQL
  • Use cases, benefits and limitation of each approach
  • Integrating these approaches into a broader test strategy
Duration: 60 minutes

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