Elevate your Behavior-Driven-Development Initiatives with Cucumber for Jira

Cucumber for Jira allows you to accelerate your BDD initiatives by bringing in teams of various technical levels together in Jira.

In this webinar, Laurent Py, Vice President of Products, and Steve Tooke, Senior Product Manager, Cucumber at SmartBear will show how our new plugin, Cucumber for Jira, helps you to facilitate and strengthen collaboration and elevate your BDD initiatives.

We will cover:

  • A quick introduction to BDD
  • Why we created Cucumber for Jira
  • How we built it
  • Live demo of the product

What is Cucumber for Jira? Facilitate and strengthen your collaboration with Cucumber for Jira. Developers can synchronize their feature files in Git with Jira and create their always up-to-date Living Documentation. Then these files can be linked to Jira issues to keep track of the current state of your feature with ease. Try it free!

Laurent Py
Steve Tooke

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