Laying the Foundation for Enduring Success Part 2: Elements of a UI Automation Framework

One of the most challenging parts of the software delivery lifecycle can be setting up a testing framework. It takes time, a lot of thought, and commitment to do things that will support the success of your future testing efforts. However, when you set up the right one it can help you establish everlasting success from there on out. But getting started—well that can be a very painful process.

But the good news is—we can help! Here at SmartBear we have put together a series of webinars about building a successful test framework. From creating a test framework, looking at a UI automation test framework including a live demonstration, and looking at the different open source tools you may be using to create your frameworks and what environments you may want to run them in—we have prepared a story on frameworks to prepare you with all the tools you need to succeed.

For the second part of our series, we have decided to narrow in our focus on how to create a successful UI Automation Test Framework.

Join Carson Underwood, a Quality Assurance Engineer at O'Reilly Auto Parts and an expert in test automation, and Bria Grangard in this webinar to discuss how Carson built his UI Automation Test Framework from scratch with a complete walk-through of the necessary steps to be successful.

Highlights include:

  • Discussion over the critical elements for an automation framework
  • Live demonstration of a successful UI testing framework
  • Tips & Tricks gleaned from an expert in the field
  • Live Question & Answer with two software experts
Bria Grangard
Carson Underwood

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