Easing the Digital Transition: Pro Tips for Large Testing Teams

Are you undergoing a digital transformation, and starting to lose track of your team’s progress? Or maybe you haven’t begun your transition yet, and you’re concerned about how you’ll maintain visibility over your testing organization as you move from waterfall to agile? You’re not alone.  

Digital transformations are massive undertakings that can often take years to complete. Large organizations especially encounter major challenges when undergoing changes of this caliber. Teams that were once tight-knit become more specialized, fracturing knowledge and de-centralizing planning. All the while, you begin to develop in more bite-sized releases while still having to maintain monolithic app structures – one wrong move and the Jenga tower comes down.  

Fortunately, by developing the right testing strategy early on, you can save yourself from the most costly and painful problems many encounter in their digital transformation journey. Join us for an upcoming webinar, tailored for leaders managing the transition. We will cover topics like: 

  • Tools and practices for unifying large and fractured testing orgs 
  • Tactics for avoiding tech-debt as you adjust to new ways of working 
  • Ways in which technical and non-technical users can collaborate and automate tests 
  • Tips for staying organized through the entirety of your digital transformation 

Register today! Even if you can’t attend, you’ll be able to access the webinar on-demand.  

Duration: 60 Minutes

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