Drive Mobile App Quality with BitBar and Bugsnag

Mobile application quality has never been more important to driving business growth. This has been especially true in recent times because your mobile application might be the only interaction that you have with your customers but this increased dependence on mobile applications is the new normal.

In striving to achieve the quality and speed to market that your business demands, you’ll hear thought leaders talking about shift-left and shift-right. Some make it seem as if you have to pick a direction. At SmartBear, we want to help you “Shift Up” your mobile quality initiatives.

With BitBar and Bugsnag, we offer solutions for mobile app quality across the SDLC. BitBar helps developers and QA engineers quickly scale their functional UI tests, no matter the framework, to cloud-based real mobile devices. Bugsnag empowers development teams to identify stability issues in every release and provide actionable insights to prioritize and fix the ones that matter.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The cost of poor mobile app quality
  • Scaling your tests across real mobile devices to catch bugs before release
  • Prioritizing and fixing bugs to drive mobile app quality
  • Live Demonstrations of BitBar and Bugsnag
  • Q&A with SmartBear experts
Duration: 60 minutes