Deliver a Better User Experience for Your Flutter Apps

Few things impact your users experience more than a buggy app. Constant “Application Not Responding” (ANR) errors and a glitchy interface will make your users reconsider the value your app brings to them. Add in the fact an unhappy user is often a vocal user, and your app store ratings may suffer. 

Releasing long-awaited feature improvements is a great way to win back your users and increase overall user satisfaction. However, if every new feature is released with a bug, the excitement of that feature’s release quickly fades. So, how can Flutter app makers deliver a positive user experience and exciting new features while minimizing risk? 

Introducing Bugsnag error monitoring and stability management for Flutter applications. With Bugsnag, developers can make data-driven decisions on when to build features vs fix errors in Flutter and gain full visibility into the stability of your Flutter apps for a better user experience. Our Features Dashboard supports progressive delivery of new features so you can rest assured knowing your features have been tried and tested before their release to a wider audience. Join Bugsnag's Senior Technical Product Manager Gareth Thackeray and Product Marketer Michael Olechna as they walk you through our Bugsnag platform and our new Features dashboard so you can deliver a better experience for your users. 

In this webinar you’ll learn: 

  • Our seamless integration to detect native and Dart errors in one library 
  • Bugsnag full error monitoring support and app stability management for “Flutter-first” and “native-first” apps 
  • How to achieve progressive delivery for your new features with our market-leading Features Dashboard 
  • A live demo 
  • Q&A 
Duration: 30 minutes

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