Enabling & Testing Data in Motion with Apache Kafka and ReadyAPI

Traditionally, most systems operate in what you could think of as the data-centric model where the data is the source of truth. The era of big data made us realize that while having lots of data is useful, things can get slower the more you have. Over the past few years, there’s been a movement from focusing on data at rest (service-oriented architecture), to focusing on data in motion (event-driven architecture).

With the shift to event-driven architecture, organizations are now moving away from accumulating data and data lakes, and more to focusing on data in-flight and keeping track of it while it's moving place to place. In the event-driven model, data is still important, but the events become the most important component.

Now, to support this new streaming data paradigm, additional technologies are needed. One of the most popular tools for working with streaming data is Apache Kafka, an open‑source distributed event-streaming platform used by thousands of companies.

In this online talk, featuring Tim Berglund, Senior Director of Developer Advocacy at Confluent, we will discuss how Kafka allows you to build real-time streaming applications and showcase some best practices for connecting your apps, systems, and your entire organization with real-time data flow and processing.

And as Event-Driven Architectures become increasingly popular in the microservices space, ensuing the delivery and performance of your EDA increases in important. So we’ll close our talk with a demonstration of how to build out end-to-end tests using ReadyAPI, SmartBear’s API Testing platform.

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Duration: 1 hr

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