Check Your Compatibility: Building a WordPress Site That Works for Everyone

With WordPress powering over 30 percent of websites on the internet, it’s no surprise that WordPress developers are so high in demand.  However, with thousands of browser and device combinations, it takes more than superstar coding and design skills to be successful -- you also have to be an expert in cross-compatibility.  Otherwise, you risk losing users and clients.

As a copywriter, developer, and consultant for all things WordPress, Jenni McKinnon knows that, amidst the proliferation of devices and screen sizes, it’s not about just creating a beautiful website, but also creating a cross-functional once.

Join SmartBear and Jenni McKinnon as we explore what it means to be cross-compatible, discover where your users are really coming from, and discuss how to build and test a WordPress site that works on different browsers and devices.

Alex McPeak
Jenni McKinnon

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