Best Practices in API Development: Creating API Testing Workflows that Work

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) play a large role in digital transformation and are key tools that allow businesses to provide value to customers and, ultimately, compete better. Their value is indisputable, but the approach that developers and QA engineers take to API testing can take many different forms.  

Testing whether an API returns the correct outputs in the expected format is table-stakes; but what about response times, integrations with presentation layer software, reactions to edge cases, or even potential security attacks? How do you create a workflow that quickly evaluates each of these areas without consuming valuable time? 

In this webinar we’ll cover:  

  • API development best practices 
  • API testing pitfalls  
  • How to create successful API workflows  
  • Live Demo 
  • Q&A  

Join us for this informative webinar as we review some best practices in API testing and highlight ways to create a testing workflow that allows you to shift your testing left faster than ever. 

Duration: 60 minutes

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