Best Practices for Expanding Your API Strategy Beyond REST

The race to create new digital services is accelerating exponentially, and while REST APIs still dominant, new protocols have emerged with unique functionality that present new opportunities and challenges for developers.

Traditional REST APIs that rely on synchronous, request-response connections are only one of the ways organizations can connect their applications – but it doesn’t have to be the only way. Organizations that venture beyond a REST-only strategy open a broader array of possibilities and interaction models for engaging customers and partners.   

Whether your team is building next generation web or mobile apps, or their focus is cloud-native application development, you need the ability to design and test across multiple API protocols – GraphQL, gRPC, AsyncAPI, Kafka and others. 

Join Frank Kilcommins, SmartBear API Evangelist and our guest, Forrester Senior Analyst David Mooter to explore the breadth of API protocols to drive digital innovation.  Learn how strategies for “digital bonding” can leverage these new protocols in combination with traditional mechanisms for connecting applications and data across enterprise boundaries.

Covered in this webinar will be:

  • How digital bonding can open the aperture for innovation
  • Explore new API protocols and their appropriate use cases
  • Helpful best practices for testing across multiple protocols
  • Time-saving tips for test creation/reuse during functional and performance testing
  • Understand extensibility patterns across multiple protocols/API styles
Duration: 60 minutes

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