How BDD Can Save Your Agile

Last month, we announced the exciting news that Cucumber Ltd, the leader in behavioral-driven development (BDD) and creator of the open source Cucumber framework, has joined the SmartBear family.

The Cucumber team has a long history of consulting for organizations that want to introduce BDD. Time after time, these organizations are trapped doing agile halfway. They do the easy, obvious, visible agile practices, and none of the powerful, hard-to-master, hard-to-see ones.

In this presentation, hosted by Seb Rose, co-owner of Cucumber Ltd, and Laurent Py, Vice President of BDD/Test Management Products at SmartBear, will share lessons learned from years of consulting for organizations that want to introduce BDD within their Agile teams.

We will cover:

  • Benefits of adding BDD to your existing agile practices
  • The importance of conversations and collaboration in software development
  • Why you should be writing tests before coding
  • How to discover the hidden details of a requirement before you start building
  • And much more…

This talk will make you wince with recognition, laugh with despair, and finally inspire you with stories of teams that have finally discovered the true collaborative heart of agile software development. You’ll see patterns you recognize from your own teams, and gain insights about how to fix them.

Laurent Py
Seb Rose

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