Artificial Intelligence for Faster and Smarter Software Testing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionize software testing, making it the most important technology to understand today.  AI has already found its way into test automation tools, from AI-powered visual recognition and intelligence test recommendations, to risk profiling and bug hunting. At every step in the QA cycle, we see AI infusing itself to accelerate test creation, maintenance, and execution.

QA managers are increasingly asking themselves how they can start leveraging AI, including how to use it to increase test coverage.  AI in automated tools enables access to application properties often missed by standard object recognition techniques. By capturing UI elements at a textual level with AI, software teams can easily manipulate user actions such as a click, hover, or touch, regardless of skill level, to broaden their test coverage across platforms. Learn how AI is used in the top UI testing tools to enhance object recognition and visual testing, produce test steps with auto-suggestions, and improve risk-based test profiling and refactoring.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing software quality (API & UI)
  • Key use cases to incorporate AI into UI test automation
  • Demo of the new AI-powered engine and features in TestComplete 12.6
Aaron Fox
Damien Walsh
Dermot Canniffe

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