API Strategies for Digital Success in Financial Services - Expert Roundtable

Organizations need strategies for their APIs – especially those in financial services. APIs enhance the customer experience, streamline Fintech collaboration, and support industry initiatives like open banking.

But how to implement them isn’t always clear. So we asked industry experts Jacob Morgan of Forrester, and Richard Tomusk of SWIFT, to help us deliver the first of our two-part virtual seminar series: API Strategies for Digital Success in Financial Services.

Part One: Roundtable – Setting the Standards with the Experts

The maturity of API standards is fueling innovation within financial services, particularly at the enterprise level. It also helps collaboration. With the right API strategy, our panel will explore how this can lead to a competitive advantage.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Industry trends and challenges
  • The competitive advantage of API strategy
  • Expert industry insights from SWIFT & Forrester
  • Digital trends impacting financial services
  • API standards, quality, and adoption
  • Establishing an API brand and digital platform
  • Live Q&A

Join us next week for the practitioner focused part two (60 mins), where we'll demonstrate how to implement industry best practices using SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI, enabling organizations to scale their API development and testing.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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