API Performance Testing: The Why, The How, and the Measures of Success

In today’s connected world, performance goes far beyond the applications in front of the software that your teams build and manage. APIs are the glue that hold the connected world together — the means by which various applications and components become interdependent and information is relayed from one device, application, or database to another. If your API is underperforming, your customers will feel the pain, which means at some point, your business will feel the pain. Ensuring the performance of your organization’s APIs is a necessity when building fast and reliable applications.

Which is why in this webinar, we will provide you with a guide to API performance testing that can help your organization succeed and bring API testing to the forefront of your SDLC. In it we will cover the following:

  • Why performance testing is critical for your business
  • Best practices when incorporating performance testing into your release cycle
  • How LoadUI Pro can help you maximize your API performance
  • Reusing functional tests and postman collections for load testing
  • What to measure and how to test for it
Martin McDonagh

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