API Mocking 102: How to Create Mocks and Prevent Drift

The design first approach, which has steadily gained popularity among development teams, advocates designing the API’s contract before writing any code. Using this approach, teams can take full advantage of the power of OAS, using the API definition as the source of truth for their API development and leveraging the definition to auto-generate source code, documentation, test cases, and even monitors for their APIs.

In the second installment of our API Mocking Best Practices Webinar Series, you’ll learn about how mocking supports design first approach and how you can leverage our tools to create robust and reliable mocks.

We will cover:

  • Leveraging mocking in your design-first workflow 
  • How to enrich your mock and add deep context  
  • How contract testing can be used to prevent drift between mock and code 
  • Live Q&A
Duration: 60 minutes

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