Advanced: Taking an API First Approach with SwaggerHub

As the third largest provider of business software in the UK, Advanced understands the importance of quality and the trust customers invest in its broad portfolio of software solutions. Alex Savage is Head of Platforms at Advanced and plays a pivotal role in the company’s API strategy.  

Starting with a design-first approach, Savage drives quality throughout the API development lifecycle at Advanced to ensure the design outcome remains aligned to the original business purpose. To Savage, API quality has become intrinsic to the API brand. Like many global organizations are discovering, delivering consistent API quality can be challenging, especially across large, distributed development teams.  Success for Advanced has come through collaboration, OpenAPI standards and leveraging SwaggerHub as a single source of truth for API design.  

You are invited to join this virtual API panel discussion on API strategy, design-first, and the best practices you can take to ensure API quality in your organization.  

Learn how Advanced was able to: 
•    Improve developer productivity leveraging SwaggerHub and connected IDEs
•    Reduce time to delivery for new APIs by 30%
•    Accelerate API integrations across their build pipeline 
•    Improve API quality and build API brand equity

Duration: 60 minutes

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