Achieving Alignment: Test Management Tips for Complex Teams

Advancements in test automation are allowing QA teams to contribute more to the development process than they ever have before. That said, testing practices can look very different to the individual teams spread across companies and so it’s not always easy to gather results and deliver the high-level insights that transform organizations.  

This is where robust test management solutions come in.  

It’s important that your teams maintain specialized focus to build the strongest apps but that doesn’t mean every team needs to work in a vacuum. Your test management tool should enable you to orchestrate teams across your company from a single tool so you can approach full-scale automation confidently leading to greater quality and testing outcomes.  

Join us for an upcoming webinar where we'll talk more about how you can leverage test management to transform your testing.  

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Adaptability at its Core: Learn how test management should embrace various methodologies, supporting your team's way of working, not the other way around.  
  • Customizability and Stability: Explore how to customize your solution to fit your team's needs, ensuring stability in your QA processes as you grow.  
  • Code Efficiency: Discover how to apply organizational standards across teams and resolve your codebase of unnecessary complexity 
  • Seamless Integration: Understand how your test management solution can and should integrate with any test automation tool, allowing you to organize and begin optimizing your testing processes instantly. 
Duration: 60 minutes

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