Accelerating your testing agility in the new digital landscape

Business today is being defined by a new digital landscape. With rapid transformation comes an element of risk and the ongoing need to ensure quality. Enterprises find themselves handcuffed by limited legacy test management systems that have been with the organization for years. The need to evolve has never been so great. Organizations are moving away from traditional singular-focused ALM solutions so that teams can support a test approach will help drive innovation, reduce SDLC times, and increase quality while decreasing technology complexity.

Zephyr Enterprise supports DevOps and Agile with modern-day approach to test management. It delivers a test management solution that supports Jira and legacy systems, providing teams with a single, scalable testing platform.

In this webinar you will learn how to transform your teams by allowing them to test faster and with higher quality, giving them the ability to build more innovative solutions.

Duration: 60