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Tips and Best Practices for Upgrading...

Join to hear about how your team can seamlessly upgrade to the latest version of Collaborator.

The Keys to Code Review in 2018

What makes for effective code review? In this session, we will walk through 7 best practices that your team can adopt for 2019.

The Developer Talent Gap: What Softwa...

The Role of the Developer is changing - join the Smartbear team to see what you can do to adapt!

The 2018 State of Software Testing

Discover what your peers are doing today in testing. Join our webinar as we reveal key trends and insights uncovered in our 2018 survey into the

The 2018 State of Code Review

Don't just build systems that talk to each other. Build team that do. This session will outline steps for teams to embed collaboration into their

Test Automation at Different Layers: ...

Join our webinar to learn how extensively testing both the UI and API layer of your application can help ensure that bugs are caught earlier in the

Taking a Six Sigma Approach to Code R...

When your software quality is mission critical, you need to eliminate defects early in development. In this webinar, we will discuss how a Six Sigma

Take Your UI Test Automation to the N...

Are you struggling to scale your QA efforts because of unstable and flaky UI tests? Join SmartBear experts to learn how to develop a maintainable

State of Behavior Driven Development

Join a panel of Hiptest experts as they walk through the results of the 2018 State of BDD Survey—divulging key trends and observations uncovered.

State of API Monitoring

Join SmartBear's monitoring experts to navigate the modern API Monitoring landscape and answer the ever burning question - How Can I Stay Ahead of My

Six Levels from Manual to Autonomous ...

Join SmartBear experts to learn how to optimize each stage of your test automation strategy, from manual to autonomous testing.

Shift Left: The Art of Continuous Mon...

Join SmartBear experts Denis Goodwin and John Lucania in our live webinar discussing how you can craft an end-to-end monitoring strategy.

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