State of Software Quality 2023: API Trends and Tools to Craft your Vision

First published in 2016, SmartBear has continuously surveyed the API community to identify industry benchmarks regarding the trends, best practices, methodologies, and tools used by software teams to manage the API lifecycle. Even though we took a break last year, we are back at it again!  

 APIs have always been the connective tissue between different systems, data, and application layers, but with their newfound prominence, as critical business tools, comes an increasing focus being placed on API quality and standardization to meet consumer expectations as well as increased product development rigor.  

So, with increased digital technology adoption serving as a backdrop and with responses from over 1,100 API practitioners from more than 17 different industries globally, we are pleased to bring you our 2023 State of APIs.

In this webinar we’ll discuss: 

  • Insights from our 2023 survey  
  • Discover how the API industry continues to evolve 
  • Factors contributing to its growth in the years ahead 
Duration: 60 Minutes

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