Test Case Template

Manage, organize, and report on all of your testing efforts in one central location with this free test case template from QAComplete. With this excel template, you can track tests, the priority of defects, SLA statuses, and defect trends - keeping you updated on the quality of your testing efforts and making your team as efficient as possible. 

  • Easily track productivity:Track the progress of your team's testing efforts by quickly measuring your completed assignments and resources against your estimated plans.
  • End-to-End Test Traceability:Link requirements back to tests and defects to identify coverage gaps and the requirements with the most failed test cases.
  • Track Service Level Agreements:Set up SLAs for tracking your QA efforts. Easily record estimates and elapsed test times for tracking which items do not meet the agreed upon SLA.
  • Manage Test Environment Availability:Record the availability of your test environments to avoid scheduling conflicts and make your team as efficient as possible by planning for downtimes related to environment unavailability.

Download FreeTest Case Template

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