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Getting Started with Virtual APIs

How to Transform Your Software Delivery Strategy with API Virtualization

Software Delivery Strategy with API Virtualization

Front-end apps and integrations depend on APIs to work properly, but designers and testers often have to wait until developers come up with an initial implementation of the APIs just to start building mock-ups and test cases. Software teams shouldn't have to wait for an alpha release for everyone to get going, they should be able to get started as soon as possible to minimize delays in project completion.

Using virtual APIs enables frequent and comprehensive testing even while an API is still in the midst of being developed. This ebook will give you the resources you need to add API virtualization into your software delivery process.

What will we cover in this ebook?

  • Solving API testing challenges with API virtualization.
  • How API virtualization compares to other virtualization tools.
  • Implementing your API virtualization strategy.
  • API virtualization with ReadyAPI.