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API Testing in the Internet of Things: How to Succeed in an Increasingly Connected World

API Testing in the IoT - How to Succeed in a Connected World

There’s no doubt that the importance of the role of the tester will continue to increase with the Internet of Things. But that doesn’t mean it’ll get any easier.

IoT brings with it awesome opportunities to improve our lives through healthcare, education, safety, parenting, and so much more. But it also comes with its own staggering set of security and privacy risks.

We’ve listened to dozens of IoT and testing leaders — exploring the current state of testing, their experiences with testing IoT devices, and their predictions and demands for the future of the space, to create this comprehensive guide to the ever-evolving state of testing the Internet of Things

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The Current State of Testing in the Internet of Things
  • How to Test for Security in the Internet of Things
  • The Importance of Automated Testing in the Internet of Things
  • The Changing Role of the Tester in the Internet of Things