Designed to fit how you work

Customize how you view and analyze diffs over releases to better match your own UI and how you like to work

Ignore Regions

Ignore regions or elements of your webpage and exclude them from your screenshot review.  

Edit Views

Compare baseline images side-by-side on a single screen, use the drag & compare tool for an interactive experience, or set it to Onion Skin and adjust the opacity to see new baseline images layered over your originals.

Add Comments

You can add comments to your comparisons to keep your work organized and share insights across team members.

Zoom to Scale

Zoom in or out to view more or less elements at once. Use the auto-fit buttons to quickly adjust how much of a page you are looking at.

Customize which Diffs to Look At

Diffs are categorized as being "Added", "Deleted, "Moved", and "Changed". View all of these differences at one time or select specific differences to look at.

Change Diff Colors

Not all websites are created the same, and highlighter colors that work for one website may not work for another. We allow you to change colors so you can easily locate diffs in a color pattern that doesn’t clash with or blend into your UI.


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