When Quality Is Critical, Simple Pull Request Code Reviews Aren't Enough.

Some teams can get away with conducting code reviews exclusively through pull requests. If your team is developing quality critical software; however, you need more. For those teams, Collaborator offers a peer review platform that enables teams to conduct robust reviews in real-time, across repos, languages, and IDEs. Track and improve your peer code review process throughout the development lifecycle, from project requirements and design documents to source code and test plans.

Enforce a Code Review Workflow With Customizeable Templates & Checklists

Do you know where a review stands after you send a pull request? No matter what workflow fits your team best, Collaborator formalizes it into clear steps so that you always know where a review stands. With custom checklists for reviews, you can easily set expectations and stay on the same page with your team. 

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Easily Navigate Through Large Changesets, Across Files and SCMs

When you have a large changeset to commit, doing the full peer review in GitHub or Bitbucket can be a bit disorientating. It can sometimes be hard to tell where one file ends and the next one begins. Collaborator organizes your reviews in a succint way so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time reviewing.

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Integrate Collaborator With Your Development Stack Seamlessly

We believe teams shouldn't have to settle for second-hand code review capabilities. Collaborator brings world-class peer code review to whatever source code repository your team is leveraging, while also conveniently integrating with IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Configure Standard Participants, Roles, and Groups for Code Reviews

Once you have set up enforceable code review templates, you can fine-tune Collaborator to save you even more time and flexibility. Eliminate manual review assignments with features like review groups and review template subscriptions. Automate review notifications and reminders to accelerate your team's development timeline while keeping quality first.

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