Speed Up Your Testing

Accelerate your mobile testing and increase reliability with Cloud-Side Execution

More Tests. Less Time.

With cloud-side execution, you can execute tests on hundreds of real devices in parallel. Test packages are uploaded to the cloud and parallel execution is handled by BitBar under the hood. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to test your app. 

Reduce Flakiness

One of the leading causes of flaky tests with client-side testing is that all the test files and results need to go through multiple layers of the network. This is not the case for cloud-side execution, as all the test files are uploaded to the BitBar cloud first, and then test execution happens in the cloud. It’s considerably faster than client-side execution and yields much more reliable test results. 

Reduce Configuration Time

With client-side configuration, you need to continuously reconfigure the capabilities of your device in order to enable test execution. This is a time consuming and tedious process, and can introduce unnecessary errors.  

With cloud-side execution, less configuration is needed. Once your test script is ready, all you need to do is select the devices you want to run your test on. We’ll take care of the rest. 


Test on Real Browsers & Devices

Try our next-gen testing cloud with both mobile and web testing capabilities and get the efficiency and scalability you need.

During your free, 14-day trial, you can expect:

  • One Platform for both web & mobile testing
  • Instant access to the latest browsers & devices
  • Framework agnostic testing for mobile apps
  • Enterprise options for complex use cases & security needs