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BitBar provides a fully customizable app-testing infrastructure to meet your organization’s ever-evolving and unique needs.

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Test confidently with peace of mind for your IT security

Alleviate the burden of testing infrastructure

Ditch the hassle. Get instant access to browsers and devices you need without the need to obtain and maintain them yourself. We’ll take care of upgrades and updates. Let your team focus on what matters: testing.

Options to meet your testing, security, and hosting needs

A private cloud can give your IT team peace of mind with a dedicated environment. Or you can have devices that just your organization can use in our public cloud. There are automatic device cleanup procedures between every session, and secure single use VMs for desktop browser testing.

The device cloud for your high-performing global team

Let your developers use their preferred testing framework and language. Plug into your current systems and processes with native integrations or custom integrations through a REST API. Choose the devices and environments for your exclusive use based on your unique needs.

More confidence in your app quality

Maximize your test coverage and test throughput without having developers waiting for results. BitBar enables the highest level of test parallelization, helping you achieve a higher rate of automation and continuous validation.

Features to fulfill your needs

Single Sign-On BitBar’s SSO supports LDAP, SAML, Microsoft Active Directory and Oauth2-based Single Sign-On providers for improved security.
Remote USB For Debugging Make a USB connection to real mobile devices through direct tunneling for full control, debug and executing command line commands.
Network Performance Test how your apps behave under different network conditions by throttling the network speed and capture HAR file for deeper network level analysis.
VPN/SSH Tunnel Secured access from the devices to your network enables app testing against dev, test and staging backends. It can be implemented on the device level or network level.
Custom Docker/VM Images Bring your own testing environments and custom frameworks to our Private Device Cloud or On-Premise solution by using containers/VMs.
Device Allocation Dedicate a certain amount of devices to a specific team for special Android and iOS testing needs and optimize your resources according to priorities.
Custom Testing Setup We can customize the environment to support rooted devices, sim cards, bluetooth connections, device settings configuration, AR testing and more.
Comprehensive API Use our APIs to integrate app testing processes with your CI/CD pipeline. Reduce manual work for launching tests, getting test alerts and extracting test data.
Best-In-Class Support Ensure your private devices and infrastructure with 99.9% uptime SLA and with the best-in-industry support for any hiccups or questions you might have.

“It was hard to scale our testing efforts before switching to BitBar. We needed better organization and we didn’t have good tools. If one of our servers needed updating, for example, all eight devices connected to it would go down. Now we run test automation on a hundred phones hosted by BitBar, and we have alerts on the phone status online. It’s a much more robust environment where it’s more self-healing and we’ve got more eyes on it.”

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The device cloud for your high performing team

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