Comprehensive Reports

AQtime delivers comprehensive yet easy-to-understand reports that allow developers to easily locate performance bottlenecks, memory and resource leaks and other issues in applications, and optimize the source code appropriately.

Summary and Detailed Performance Reports

AQtime gives you summary and detailed profiling reports for enhanced data analysis:

  • The summary provides a high-level overview of profiling results and pin-points the top ten functions that need to be optimized, allowing you to quickly focus optimization where it’s needed most.
  • The detailed report includes profiling results on all modules, threads, source files, classes and functions, down to lines of source code. This includes accurate function-level and line-level timings, hit counts, memory allocations and many other metrics a developer needs to analyze and solve even the most complex problems.

Visualizing Critical Paths

Profiling reports include the call tree of all methods in your application with highlighted critical paths that contribute most to the execution time, memory allocation or other metrics. The call tree allows you to easily pinpoint the exact source of performance bottlenecks and leaked memory.

Navigating From Results to Source Code

Profiling results are synchronized with AQtime’s integrated code viewer, allowing you to quickly see the actual code that is causing bottlenecks.

Getting Results While Profiling Is in Progress

AQtime generates the report automatically at the end of the profiling session. You can also capture profiling results at any time during your application run to analyze issues as they happen, or to prepare multiple result sets for later comparison.

Filtering Results

Profiling results can be filtered to hide non-essential details and show only the most important classes and functions. You can also sort profiling data using various metrics (such as time, allocated memory or code coverage percentage) to prioritize found bottlenecks.

Comparing Results

AQtime lets you quickly compare past profiling results with the current results so that you can answer the all-important question, “Did my code changes improve the state of my application, or did they lead to other problems?”

Exporting Results

AQtime allows you to print reports or export them to Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, text files or databases, providing an easy way to share profiling results with your colleagues or publish them on an intranet website.

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