Integration between Ready API and Microsoft Azure API Management

Be Confident in Your API

You’ve invested a lot of time and energy in your API… now it’s time to get some of that investment back by increasing its adoption. A successful API program is more than just having great features, it’s also backing that up with great developer UX and high quality.

With Microsoft Azure API Management and SmartBear’s Ready API tools, you can be sure that you meet all of those goals. Deploy with confidence by using these two great platforms together.

Microsoft Azure API Management

API Management provides the tools your organization needs for end-to-end API management—from access management to packaging to business policies. Aside from making sure your business policies are defined and enforced, API Management also gives you the tools you need to give internal and external developers a great experience with your API:

Image-1.pngDocumentation - A first-class developer experience is key to attracting and retaining developers to your API. Easily expose a developer portal for your APIs that provides documentation and test experiences so your developer audience can minimize the time to their first successful API call.
Transformation - Take your legacy back-end systems and project a mobile-friendly, RESTful structure. Transform XML to JSON on the fly. 
Protection - Protect your systems with authentication, rate limiting and quotas. Connect to your back-end systems in their native authentication protocol and unify at the front-end. Use caching to ease load on your API.
Discoverability – When you have thousands of APIs or just one, limited discoverability can be a hindrance to your API adoption. Deploy Azure API Management to create a unified façade and API catalog to increase business agility.

SmartBear Ready API

Ready API’s family of tools speeds the delivery of accurate, scalable, and safe web services. One platform connects functional, load, and security testing with API virtualization for the ultimate API readiness strategy. 

IMage-1-2.pngFunctional Testing - Thoroughly test your API’s functionality, compatibility, and accuracy to improve service quality and speed time to delivery. 
Load Testing - Use your functional API tests to quickly spin up load against your APIs to see how they stand up, where issues lie, and what to fix before rollout.
Security Testing - The last thing you need is a data breach to bring your project to a halt and your company to its knees. Put your APIs through all the paces by checking the security of your REST or SOAP transactions to deliver safer APIs by default and on time.
Virtualization - Create virtual APIs to remove common barriers you face when developing, testing, and simulating conditions against your web services. API virtualization helps teams to work quickly and concurrently, reduce delays due to downtime, simplify versioning logistics, and overcome third-party service limitations.



Microsoft Azure API Management Plugin for Ready API

The integration of these two products provides a continuous solution for your end-to-end API Readiness and Management. Now you can browse the APIs you’ve made available on your API Management portal and bring them into Ready API for testing and virtualization, all with one easy motion. 


  • Authenticate into the platform.
  • Browse the APIs you have access to and highlight the ones you want to import.
  • Select the tests you want to generate and indicate whether you want to create a virtual version of those APIs.

From there, Ready API automatically creates the virtual API and the test framework based on your choices. In less than a minute, you can build your API Readiness framework for one or more APIs hosted on the Microsoft Azure API Management platform.