Swagger Open Source Tooling Now Supports Latest OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.1

SmartBear continues commitment to widely used OpenAPI Specification and millions of Swagger users worldwide through their open source projects
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — June 13, 2023 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and visibility tools, has released Swagger open source tooling support for the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, OAS 3.1. A vendor-neutral, open description format for HTTP APIs, the OAS is widely used by development teams at organizations worldwide. Swagger is used by millions of developers and has evolved into one of the most popular open source tool sets for developing APIs with rich support for the OAS, as well as the AsyncAPI Specification, JSON Schema, and more. 

“SmartBear is committed to supporting a broad spectrum of API specifications to meet the changing needs of today’s API teams,” said Frank Kilcommins, API Technical Evangelist at SmartBear. “With much API tooling relying on Swagger components, support for OAS 3.1 within the Swagger ecosystem and wider open source community has been greatly anticipated. We are thrilled to continue our commitment to OpenAPI, supporting the wider adoption of OAS 3.1 for downstream vendors as well as the millions of Swagger users around the world.” 

The benefits of the OAS are far-reaching and include supporting API lifecycle management with design, documentation, development, testing, security, and more. Development teams now have the ability to document and render multiple API types within a single experience and utilize native IDE type features like auto-completion, validation, syntax highlighting, go to reference, and find symbols. Swagger users also have access to rich rendering across all versions of OpenAPI to aid consumer experiences when interacting with APIs. 

Swagger now supports development teams and individuals working across RESTful and Event-Driven APIs by offering support for all versions of the OpenAPI Specification as well as AsyncAPI Specification. SmartBear has also added full rendering support for JSON Schema 2020-12 used within OAS 3.1 definitions. 

“While OpenAPI 3.1 only appears to be a minor update, the alignment with JSON Schema unlocks a wide range of capabilities for API designers that the JSON Schema team have been working on for several years,” said Darrel Miller, OpenAPI Technical Steering Committee member. “It is great to see the Swagger open source projects bringing these benefits to the huge community of developers who rely on these tools and are a key part of the OpenAPI ecosystem.” 

For more information, go to: https://swagger.io/tools/open-source/ 

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