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SmartBear Announces Support for Automated Mobile Testing

SmartBear Software has announced a new version of TestComplete. One of the world’s most recognized automated testing tools and winner of a 2013 Dr...


SmartBear launches API testing dojo

SmartBear, quality and performance management solution provider, has launched the API Testing Dojo. At the API Testing Dojo, developers can learn about the...


Bow To Your API Sensei!

The API Testing Dojo is organized into three sections — World of API Testing, Best Practices, and Testing Katas, and covers everything from basic...


SmartBear Launches API Testing Dojo

SmartBear, quality and performance management solution provider, has launched the API Testing Dojo. At the API Testing Dojo, developers can learn...


[Infographic]: Ever Realized, Single Bug In A Mobile App Can Cost You A Customer

SmartBear conducted a survey of more than 1,000 developers and testers throughout last three months of 2013 to assess how prevalent the demand for high...


One Bug and Out: The Philosophy of Half of Mobile Users

Mobile apps are the thing that helps make our mobile technology the valuable thing it really is. Without the apps to allow for business functions, personal...


Test the Limit

AlertSite's load testing tool lets retailers use emulated browsers to examine how shoppers see the site on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It...


SmartBear brings automated testing to mobile app software

TestComplete 10 includes an open, extensible platform that allows third party testing tools to be tied into the TestComplete automation framework...


SmartBear Goes Even More Mobile

TestComplete 10 is built with an "open and extensible" platform that allows third-party testing tools to be tied into its framework.  ...

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