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As API Space Expands, So Do The Sources Of Knowledge: New YouTube and SoundCloud Channels

The API space is continuing its rapid expansion, and along with the number of API design, deployment, management, and integration providers, and the number...


Subway Map API On The APIsUncensored Podcast

There is a new podcast on SoundCloud called APIsUncensored, from the folks over at SmartBear. I was honored to have a mention in the first episode...


SmartBear seems to be cornering the API testing market

APIs have cradle-to-grave lifecycles like any other code. API management vendors are building platforms to control API lifecycle management, but many are...


Tools for creating web-scale APIs

SmartBear offers SoapUI Pro to conduct cross testing Web services and APIs.


APM dashboards serve diverse stakeholders

APMdigest's annual list of Application Performance Management predictions features industry experts – from analysts and consultants to users and...


SmartBear Supports Selenium WebDriver

Supports for Selenium open source web testing automation tool


4 Brands That Killed it With Content This Week

Cyber Monday Website Performance: Post Game Analysis


APIdays Keynotes Envision the Future, Encourage API use for Social Good

Finally, the morning's keynotes ended with a practical discussion by Lorinda Brandon, program director at SmartBear, who presented a practical model to...

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