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API management comes of age

Lorinda Brandon, API evangelist at SmartBear, agreed that Swagger appears to be the current hot topic in API management.


Interpol 'agents' detail virtual currency malware threat

"The biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it is decentralised and thus a trusted third party (like a bank) is not required to complete a transaction...


Can IT service providers be thought leaders on Docker technology?

Paul Bruce, API engineer at SmartBear Software, said the Docker approach can significantly decrease the cost of hosting services because companies "use fewer...


WHAT’S NEW: Down To Business

SmartBear Software joined the retail, residential and restaurant spaces at Assembly Row.


SmartBear Announces Support for Integrated GUI and API Testing

 SmartBear has announced new versions of TestComplete and QAComplete.


SmartBear adds WSO2 as API integration partner

The company has released a new plugin that allows users to import APIs from WSO2 API Manager into Ready API, the first fully integrated, extensible and...


SmartBear Creates Developer Network For Users To Freely Customize, Extend Functionality...

Various plugins are currently available on the SDN including RAML, Groovy Console, SSL Workaround for REST Discovery, Apiary's API Blueprint, APIs from...


Free application performance monitoring available from SmartBear

AlertSite UXM Free builds on existing award-winning free tools and plugins, including SoapUI, LoadUI, DéjàClick, DevPlanner and QAPlanner


Developer Network for Community Collaboration

SmartBear Developer Network (SDN) for its community of users and partners to freely build integrations and plugins to further extend the functionality of the...

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