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Study and Measure your efforts

It is about what the user is actually seeking in the long run, and not what you want to force-feed on him or her.


SmartBear Launches Ready Plug-in for MSFT Azure API Management

SmartBear has released a new plug-in for the SmartBear Ready API. The plug-in integrates with Microsoft's Azure API Management.


Now Implement Agile Testing With TestComplete In A Smooth Manner

TestComplete supports Python, a programming language continuing to gain popularity with QA and development professionals because of its ease of use.


Smarter than the average peer review code tool

For the uninitiated, Collaborator is a code review tool that helps development, testing and management teams work together to produce high quality code.


SmartBear ‘Opens’ SoapUI Open Source API Testing Tool To Monitor Live Systems

A ‘Swiss army knife of testing’ has several new blades to give a wide array of API developers more powerful and integrated testing and monitoring...


SmartBear Announces Integration with CA API Developer Portal

SmartBear recently integrated a key product of theirs with CA API Developer Portal v3.1.


SmartBear Partners with CA Technologies to Deliver Plugin for Ready API

SmartBear Software released a new plugin for Ready API that allows users to import APIs from developer portals managed by CA Technologies


SmartBear Offers Free API Monitoring And IoT Testing

SmartBear Software recently announced the release of SoapUI 5.2 Open Source which includes integration to AlertSite UXM and support for Internet-of-Things...

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