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SmartBear Upgrades SwaggerHub

The value of having accessible API (application program interface) definitions in the OpenAPI Specification Format is becoming more apparent to developers...


How to Integrate PagerDuty for Real-Time Web Monitoring

Website monitoring is essential to running any business that relies upon the internet, which, at this point, is basically all of them. Whether you're...


SmartBear overhauls QAComplete’s user experience to build upon agile test management...

USA - SmartBear Software ( has announced a new version of QAComplete, the most flexible software testing management tool for managing...


New features to SmartBear’s test management tool

QAComplete is a flexible software testing-management tool for requirements, and the newest version of the tool was announced today by SmartBear.


SmartBear Software Adds New Agile Test Management for QAComplete

SmartBear Software has added new Agile test management practices to its latest release of QAComplete, a software testing management tool for managing...


Achieve IoT Success by Testing the Consumer Experience

Consumer devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) present exciting new opportunities for both consumers and businesses. But the IoT also presents...


SmartBear simplifies API testing

Apple has created a new section of its App Store for developers so they can share how they succeeded on it, and to show other developers what they have...


SmartBear Releases New Agile Development Test Automation Tool

SmartBear Software has released a new developer focused test automation tool, TestLeft which allows developers working in an Agile and continuous delivery...


SmartBear's TestLeft Creates Tests Within IDEs

Development tool vendor SmartBear Software has released a new test automation solution it calls TestLeft. It allows enterprise application development teams...

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