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What happened to the art of software testing

Or, why testers and developers are not the same in practice, but are equally valuable. Over the last year Ole Lensmar has had the opportunity to attend a...


Lagging Website Performance Will Cost You Money, Period

It's time again for the monthly edition of the Retailer Web Performance Report Card, SmartBear Software's ROI Report column that highlights website...


10 Essential API Articles You May have Missed

API growth over the past few years has increased exponentially. There are new APIs launched every week and breaking news about APIs every day. There have...


Photo of the Day: A New View on User Experience

Remember when you were willing to listen to the horrible static ringing of the dial-up tone, perfectly content to wait five minutes for Myst to load, and...


Software Engineering Careers Continue to Boom

Oh, what a difference two years makes. When Today's Engineer last looked at software engineering careers in March 2011, the industry was as hot as hot...


Google, Apple, Samsung Among Golden Paw Award Winners for 2012

SmartBear, which makes software quality and performance tools, polled hundreds of software developers and testers to come up with a ranking of the best&mdash...


DejaClick Supports Performance Monitoring in Chrome

The Chrome Web browser is absolutely kicking the virtual snot out of every other browser (unless of course your brand caters to an aging, anti-Google...


Competing in the API Frenzy

If you are a software development professional today, you are most likely aware of the frenzied waters of the current API industry. But, like many people...


SmartBear AlertSite Web-Performance Tool Supports Chrome Browser

AlertSite, SmartBear's Website-performance-monitoring tool, now supports playback of its Web recorder, DejaClick, for the Google Chrome Web browser due...

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