Compare HP (Mercury) Quality Center to QAComplete

Move today for Industry-leading Test Management with Better Support and Lower TCO

"We are spending too much on Quality Center"


Expensive renewal rates, software license fees, along with dedicated external consultant fees can often result in costs associated with Quality Center going out of hand.


There are no hidden costs to get QAComplete up and running. QAComplete comes with a simple, straight-forward pricing structure. 

“QAComplete reduced our software licensing and support costs by about 7X as compared HP Quality Center ..”
Emilio Moya, Global Head of QA, Riplife Gaming Technologies

"Our Agile workflow is limited with Quality Center"


Limited browser and operating system support, along with an outdated user interface offering minimum customization can often make it hard to implement an agile process in Quality Center.


QAComplete works on an exhaustive range of browsers and operating systems. You can even define custom fields, set up workflow rules, and create user tasks as per your agile development methodology.

"Quality Center doesn't fit well with my other tools"


Lack of integrations with non-HP tools often means you are restricted to using HP specific tools with Quality Center.


QAComplete offers best-in class out of the box integrations with Selenium, SoapUI, Jira, TestComplete and many others. You can even connect to CI tools or other homegrown systems using our REST API.

"We can't leave Quality Center because data migration is a pain"


Challenges with migrating data including requirements, test cases, and defects, along with association across all three often acts as a hurdle to migrating away from Quality Center.


QAComplete provides an easy and quick way to migrate away from Quality Center. You can migrate the data yourself or use our existing partner network.

“We were able to migrate to QAComplete from HP Quality Center with zero downtime along with 100% migration of 23 million records...”
Leading Security Software Company

"New tool means learning new terminology, so let's stick with QC"


Learning a new product can be challenging and time consuming. Organizations can often spend hours on training when switching platforms.


QAComplete allows you to replicate and apply Quality Center terminology that you are most comfortable with. Set up your testing process in the same manner in QAComplete as it currently stands in Quality Center.

"We don't get useful reports or dashboards from Quality Center"


The reporting and dashboard capabilities of HP Quality Center are extremely limited. Pre-existing reports within Quality Center can often be cumbersome to generate. Even more work is needed to change and customize these predefined reports and dashboards as per exact needs of your organization.


QAComplete provides multiple preconfigured reports and dashboards to work with out of the box. These reports and dashboards are extremely configurable. Just select the fields you want to report upon to build a custom report as per needs of your team.

You're in safe company, these great companies have switched from Quality Center too.


Get Better Support and Lower Costs today with SmartBear

SmartBear provides a modern, affordable alternative to HP’s Testing solutions – backed by an expert support team committed to your success. Talk to an HP Migration Specialist today to learn about the benefits of moving to SmartBear first-hand.

  • Robust, Affordable solutions for:
    • UI Test Automation
    • Test Management
    • Load Testing
    • API Functional Testing
  • Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process
  • Rooted in open source as the creators of SoapUI and Swagger
  • Integrated with Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, GitHub, and more

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