SmartBear Developer Academy

Immerse yourself in a true developer experience

Developers do more than code. They solve complex problems. Build new features. Fix bugs. Create digital experiences. And they make sense of vague requirement specs and user expectations.

SmartBear Developer Academy is an authentic developer experience to prepare you with the confidence and hands-on skills you need to be a successful developer. Ready for adventure? Come grow with us.


Advance your coding career

Our development teams create the industry’s most loved tools, from BitBar and Bugsnag to SwaggerHub and Pactflow, among others.

Our mission? To educate candidates like you in our vibrant center of excellence and provide the learnings and skillsets to achieve all-around excellence in engineering.

What will you get out of it?

  • Methods to effectively communicate
  • How to build relationships and collaborate
  • The decision-making frameworks within a team
  • Exercise judgment with defined tasks and take action
  • Functional application of product knowledge
  • How to be a part of an innovative culture
  • An organized learning path to your skillset

"I learned how to work in a team and distribute tasks, how to give and receive constructive criticism – and how a large company works."

— Engineering Intern, Wrocław, Poland

How to get in

Interested? Selected candidates will need:

  • To pass an entry level code test
  • Proficiency in English
  • A passion for learning

In addition to basic code knowledge, we look for the following:

  • Curiosity for learning new tools
  • Joy in being part of a team
  • Openness toward feedback and perspectives
  • Compassion toward colleagues (and yourself)
  • Leadership in communication and process improvement
  • Readiness for adventure

"Lot to like [about the Developer Academy], would take three days to answer. Liked the projects we had to do. Gave people who had Back-End or Front-End ability to do full stack. Trainings were great with mentors overall."

— Developer Academy participant, Wrocław, Poland

"I was surprised that I got to work on a large project that involved the entire company."

— Engineering Intern, Wrocław, Poland

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Learn to code. Work with a team. Gain a career.

The perfect opportunity to start your career path.


SmartBear Developer Academy – FAQ for Interviews

  • An entry-level training program that will prepare you with the hands-on skills and confidence you need to be a successful developer. The Academy is intended to ensure the success of your career and career progression at SmartBear and will teach you the critical skills necessary to effectively work with our product teams. You will get a mix of technical skills, process skills, and real-time work experience with our product teams.