Software for Good Award

At SmartBear, we believe in the power of technology to drive positive change. The “Software for Good Award” is dedicated to honoring organizations that go beyond innovation in software development, using their technical expertise to contribute to a better world.

Submission Deadline: June 7, 2024

A badge that says smartbear software for good award with smaller images of people doing good things

Award Criteria

To be eligible for the Software for Good Award, companies must meet the following criteria:
  • Technological Description

    Showcase how a technology that you’ve developed has had an impact on your company’s commitment to ESG, sustainability, DEI efforts, or the overall well-being of humans.

  • Positive Impact

    Provide a detailed description of your software initiative related to ESG, sustainability, DEI, or the well-being of humans and include evidence, such as metrics or testimonials, to support the positive outcomes.

  • SmartBear Tool Integration

    Include specific examples of how SmartBear tool(s) were used in these projects or software initiatives that made a significant impact.

Selection Process

Interested companies must submit their entries by June 7th, 2024
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges with expertise in software development, sustainability, philanthropy, ESG, and DEI.
  • Winners will be selected based on the innovation, impact, and effectiveness of their initiatives. To help in the selection process, please include any supporting documents, photos, etc., that speak to the submission.
  • The selected company will be honored with the Software for Good Award and featured in SmartBear's recognition channels, including our social profiles and website.

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