Zephyr Quest - Test Management for All Heroes

  October 18, 2021

The Kingdom of Quality is in disarray. Everyone works in silos – developers, testers, and other stakeholders. Communication between teams has faltered, making project collaboration nigh impossible. It’s as if goblinkin are at the helm.

The damage is inevitable. Buggy releases, missed deadlines, and – worst of all – disappointed customers.

It’s time for a quest. It's time for Zephyr Quest.

This guide will help you better understand which Zephyr test management tool is right for you

Your quest is to find a test management tool worthy of legends. A tool to tie-in your testing efforts, raise your team’s productivity (and morale), and provide end-to-end visibility for everyone. Even for sellswords.

Go forward, brave hero. Find the right test management tool, and fulfill your destiny.

Download the Zephyr Quest PDF

How to play Zephyr Quest (Hint: No twenty-sided die required)

Playing Zephyr Quest is easy. Pick one option at every section and collect your points along the way. At the end of the quest, add all the points you earned to reveal your most suitable Zephyr test management solution. But choose wisely – dragons and bloated Excel sheets could deal heavy damage at any turn.

Are you happy with your pick?

Could your quest be more fruitful? Got any lingering questions about the Zephyr tool that you picked? Let us know. The keen senses of our product experts will bestow you with the wisdom you seek to complete your journey.