Introducing Zephyr for Jira Integrations to Synchronize Test Management and Test Automation

SmartBear Strengthens Its Leadership Position by Bringing New Test Automation Capabilities to the Atlassian Ecosystem
  April 10, 2019

Software is being developed, tested, and deployed at speeds that we’ve never seen before.

While the teams creating these applications depend on test automation to keep quality up to par during frequent releases, test management is equally crucial to ensure collaboration and traceability throughout the lifecycle.

SmartBear has recognized the need for tools that enable these capabilities with our market-leading portfolio of test automation solutions, as well as with our recent acquisition of Zephyr, the most widely used test management tool to work natively inside Jira.

Now, you can experience the power of Zephyr for Jira combined with the SmartBear test automation tools that you know and love with our new integrations.

As we evolve our roadmap, unifying test automation and test management capabilities has become a forefront of our continuing vision to meet Agile and DevOps teams’ need to achieve speed and quality with each deployment.

Additionally, our commitment to the Atlassian ecosystem has evoked a natural merger of Zephyr for Jira and our test automation toolset, including SoapUI Pro, CrossBrowserTesting, TestComplete, and LoadNinja.

The following is a look at the four integrations:

  • SoapUI Pro - Integrate SoapUI Pro and Zephyr for Jira for complete end-to-end insight into your testing and QA cycles. With the integration, you can plan and design test cases right inside Atlassian's Jira, then automate them with SoapUI to connect test cases and automated test scripts.
  • CrossBrowserTesting - The CrossBrowserTesting and Zephyr for Jira integration allows teams manage all of their manual and automated tests. For each test execution, you can navigate to the respective Jira card to view whether the test has passed or failed, discover defects that may have come up, analyze pictures and videos of the test, and add any notes you may find valuable--all with the native Jira experience.
  • TestComplete - Deliver higher-quality software with continuous insights powered by TestComplete and Zephyr for Jira by linking automated tests to manual tests. Access centralized test results for faster insights, optimize your test strategy for quality results, and foster teamwork transparency across development.
  • LoadNinja - Discover performance testing in real browsers with LoadNinja and Zephyr for Jira. Move rapidly without sacrificing quality or coverage by parameterizing tests and managing tests in a native Jira experience.

While you’ve previously enjoyed these market-leading tools on their own, teams will now be able to leverage advanced automation capabilities with the added benefit of a native Jira experience.

The tracking, reporting, and dashboard features that make Zephyr for Jira inherently valuable to teams that wish to track their testing activities and will further support your ability to derive insights from test results and data.

Additionally, we’ve also expanded our Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with a new Living Documentation Jira plugin, which will allow you to make Gherkin specifications accessible right inside Jira and in sync with your code repository.

Create living documentation, share with your team, and integrate with your CI/CD pipeline and code repository directly in Jira to improve collaboration and accelerate your BDD adoption.

The SmartBear team will be unveiling these new integrations at Atlassian Summit with product demos to show attendees what they can achieve when they combine the capabilities of our test management and test automation solutions using new Zephyr for Jira integrations.