TM4J Is Now Zephyr Scale

  November 18, 2020

When SmartBear added TM4J to our product portfolio earlier this spring, it brought us one more step towards our mission: help teams achieve quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), no matter where they’re starting from.

The addition rounded out our test management portfolio, offering a solution to those customers who seek a SaaS test management solution within Jira.

So why the name change? Putting this under the Zephyr umbrella makes it easier to determine what you need. Folding TM4J into our Zephyr product family is a natural fit. We now have a complete test management portfolio that gives our customers solutions across all types of business – SMBs to enterprise, waterfall to Agile, and everything in between.

When it comes to agility at scale, Zephyr Scale furthers the SmartBear portfolio alongside industry-leading products like Zephyr Enterprise and CucumberStudio. Over the next few months, look for SmartBear to further the support for BDD within Zephyr Scale. We also plan to prepare for Atlassian's journey to the cloud movement not to mention add updates that let you seamlessly integrate with CrossBrowserTesting, LoadNinja, ReadyAPI, and TestComplete.


That’s all for now. Learn more about our Zephyr product family here.

And if you haven’t already, try Zephyr Scale, free, for 30 days.