TestComplete and QAComplete Integrated with Selenium WebDriver
  December 10, 2014

We at SmartBear are thrilled to announce launch of TestComplete 10.5 and QAComplete 9.9.5. What makes this launch exciting??? I am glad you asked! With this launch, SmartBear has become the largest software testing company to support Selenium, an open source web testing automation tool that has continued to gain significant user adoption over the past few years.

The focus of the release has been building upon the numerous benefits Selenium WebDriver already provides to testers and developers. By being platform-agnostic, offering multi-browser support, and working easily with swdvarious integrated development environments (IDEs), Selenium is really appealing to development teams. However, given pressures of iterative testing in continuous delivery environment, quality assurance teams prefer using tools that are easier to use and offer higher levels of abstraction. When used by itself, Selenium typically does not fit the needs of both developers and testers and can make it challenging to achieve a high degree of collaboration and automation.

Jim Evans, one of the core contributors to the Selenium project and man behind the Selenium Internet Explorer Driver and .Net bindings, captured this thought really well in one of our recent podcast. He said “There are a lot of things that the Selenium WebDriver Project does well and there are a lot of things that it doesn’t do at all…. Things like test case tracking, reporting, pass fail analysis, and longitudinal analysis of historical test trends are something that the WebDriver project has really never made any attempt to solve. And it’s the place where very often a commercial automation vendor would excel and do a lot better than something that our open source folks would be able to come up.”

As a result, with TestComplete and QAComplete integration with Selenium, SmartBear has focused on providing the many of these and additional benefits to developers and testers. Here are few to start with:

  • Ability to debug failed Selenium scripts quickly using screenshots.
  • In-depth reports allow testers to get more insights into code coverage and quality
  • Perform test case prioritization by checking for traceability between requirements, manual test cases, automated tests including Selenium, and defects.
  • Spend less time creating and maintaining Selenium scripts by reusing existing Selenium tests.
  • Off-load your Selenium infrastructure with CrossBrowserTesting.com and run your scripts in the cloud.

Dana Mohapl, Senior Test Automation Developer at Igloo Software and a TestComplete user summarized the benefits of the new integration in a succinct manner “The new TestComplete WebDriver Integration is very beneficial as it allows us to reuse and extend our scripts, while leveraging all the benefits of TestComplete. The built-in TestComplete reporting gives us more time to code on actual tests as we don't have to search for or develop reporting libraries. Finally, the screen shots provided by TestComplete help us better understand why a Selenium WebDriver test failed”

So, do not waste any more time, and try TestComplete and QAComplete yourself!