What's New in API Testing and Load Testing? soapUI 4.5 and loadUI 2.0
Test and Monitor | Posted March 29, 2012

On Wednesday, March 28, we released the final versions of soapUI 4.5 - The Big Ears release and loadUI 2.0 -The Pro Release. I'd like to mention and highlight a couple of features I think are extra interesting.

soapUI 4.5 - The Big Ears release

One of the most exciting things in soapUI 4.5 is not one feature, but how two features work together.

Earlier, switching between target environments had been less than optimal. You would have to switch each individual TestCase, and there's been no central repository for configuring different endpoints. Now we've added the concept of environments which is a simple way of setting up all conditions for an environment such as Staging or Live Servers.

Next, we solved a difficult problem, "I know that my live server is responding well from our own network, but how are response times from outside my network?" We solved this through adding the possibility to run your TestCases from the cloud; TestOnDemand, provided by one of the coolest products in the SmartBear family, AlertSite. AlertSite is an online service which can be used by Testers, Developers, and DevOps everywhere to monitor their servers. It's invaluable if you’re serious about uptime and responsiveness. Expect AlertSite to support using your soapUI Tests as monitors in the near future. soapUI TestOnDemand makes it possible to make sure your server is responding from two different locations in the world; one in the USA and one in the UK. It is also a free service in both the Open Source and Pro versions.

These two features in unison make it very easy to switch from environment to environment, to running tests from the Web. I’d say this is one of the smoothest User Experiences we've created ever in soapUI and I'm super proud of it. It's also a very clear message about how committed SmartBear is to soapUI Open Source and a very significant declaration of love for the community.

For more about what’s new in soapUI 4.5 read here.

loadUI 2.0 - The Pro Release

loadUI 2.0 is a very exciting release in its entirety since this is the first Pro version of loadUI, and it’s all about the monitors.

In loadUI Pro, we’ve added a number of server side monitors for the Pro user, enabling you to dive into the server side issues that cause bad performance for your APIs.

What’s particularly smart about the loadUI Server Monitoring is the fact that not only does loadUI present beautiful graphs in real time for the monitors and data points you add, but it also collects all data in the background. What’s so smart about this feature, is that you can revisit the test after you’ve run it and look at different data points in order to find the root cause of your problems; somewhere in that data is your server issue, and it’s pretty unlikely that you know in advance what it is. The data and graph handling is also so powerful and versatile you can skip the regular “export data as CSV and make graphs in Excel”; loadUI will create the graphs for you...and they are visually stunning. 

That brings me to one of the things I’m most proud of; the GUI. You know how people always say that Open Source works well, but looks horrible? Well loadUI is proof that you can create Open Source that is not only technically superior, but that also gives you a user experience second to none.

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And that’s what we’ll continue bringing in loadUI; two small things… Superior Technology and a fantastic User Experience.

Oh, btw. No costs per Virtual User. We believe the value we provide makes us together with LoadComplete, the most cost efficient Enterprise load test software in the world. We give you great value at an affordable price, staying true to our commitment to deliver great software at prices that won’t break the bank.

For more about what’s new in loadUI 2.0 read here.





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